The Best Ever Birthday

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The Best Ever Birthday_intro

It’s Lulu’s birthday and she needs to organise her party, but what theme will she choose to make this the best ever birthday? A party in outer space, a teddy bear’s picnic or a trip to the circus...? 


Join Harry, Grandma and Nutmeg the dog as they help Lulu prepare her party and cook up delicious treats such as dinosaur cake, chocolate meteoroids and circus cupcakes. With such a helpful team will Lulu’s party be a success?

The Best Ever Birthday (April 2012) is the second in the “My Grandma’s Kitchen” series and follows Lulu, Harry and Grandma on more kitchen adventures. This time there’s a birthday party to organise. Although things don’t go quite to plan, Lulu learns that a truly talented chef can recover from any disaster. This beautifully-illustrated book combines a delightful rhyming story with a collection of beloved Fulton family birthday recipes.

“Is this the best book ever? Part storybook, part cookbook, The Best Ever Birthday is super cute!”

~ Practical Parenting, 1 April 2012.

“This keepsake by Louise Keats will delight little chefs and adults alike.”

~ MasterChef Magazine, 1 May 2012

'What guides me is home cooking, listening to my appetite, using whole food ingredients, prioritising plant foods and keeping highly processed foods out of my kitchen.'