The Oz Harvest Cookbook

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Louise is proud to be a contributor to the stunning OzHarvest Cookbook, a collection of 'food rescue' recipes from Australia's most celebrated chefs and food writers including Neil Perry, Matt Moran, Bill Granger and Maggie Beer. By purchasing the book you are helping to support OzHarvest's extraordinary work - rescuing food that would otherwise be discarded and distributing it to those in need.

OzHarvest is a non-denominational charity that rescues excess food which would otherwise be discarded.  This excess food is distributed to charities supporting the vulnerable in Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane.

OzHarvest was founded in Sydney, November 2004.  It began with one van and delivered 4,000 meals in its first month of operations.

Currently in Sydney OzHarvest delivers over 320, 000 meals per month with a fleet of 11 vehicles.

Australia wide OzHarvest delivers 441, 500 meals per month with a fleet of 15 vans. This equates to 147 tonnes each month.

By distributing food to those in need, OzHarvest turns excess food into a resource and save thousands of kilograms of food from being dumped as landfill each year.

On average, every kilogram of food that OzHarvest rescues will avoid 2 kg of greenhouse (kg CO2-eq) emissions, and avoid the consumption of 143 litres of water.

'What guides me is home cooking, listening to my appetite, using whole food ingredients, prioritising plant foods and keeping highly processed foods out of my kitchen.'