Thermomix Cooking For Your Baby & Toddler

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Thermomix Cooking For Your Baby & Toddler is a perfect book for those parents lucky enough to own a Thermomix. It's a Thermomix edition of Louise's earlier baby and toddler book but it contains only Thermomix recipes, some adapted from the original book and some completely new.

It features over 100 recipes and covers everything parents need to know about starting solids and ensuring healthy eating into the toddler years.

Invaluable meal planners are also included as well as information on nutritional needs, potential feeding problems and solutions, and recommendations on how to understand taste preferences and fussy eating.

This book will help develop in your child a love of good food for a lifetime of healthy eating.

“A sound, scientific and commonsense approach to infant food and nutrition. This book covers everything you need to know about feeding your child and giving them the best start to life nutritionally.” 

~ Dr Peter Campbell, Neonatologist and Paediatrician

“This book embraces the best of my family’s culinary traditions. I’m so pleased that through my granddaughter’s work the newest generation will have their eyes opened to just how wondrous and joyous food can be” 

~ Margaret Fulton, Food Writer

“Finally someone has written a book on this subject. This book captures what has always been my philosophy. A must read for any parent who wants their child to develop a love for healthy, home-cooked food” 

~ Manu Feildel, Chef

'What guides me is home cooking, listening to my appetite, using whole food ingredients, prioritising plant foods and keeping highly processed foods out of my kitchen.'