Louise specialises in infant and toddler nutrition and creating nourishing recipes for the youngest members of the family. Getting mealtimes right is especially important in the first year of life – a window period for flavor learning – in order to avoid fussy eating in later years. On this page, you will find Louise’s child-related recipes, books and blog posts, all in one place.

“You have the potential to dramatically influence your child’s growth, immunity, intellectual performance, coordination, behaviour and mood, as well as her short-term and long-term health, simply with the food you put on her plate. Study after study has shown this to be true … Really, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. As living creatures, we are a product of the food we eat. From the time your baby is conceived, every cell that makes up her growing body is derived from food.

The relationship between food and health gives you enormous influence over the adult that your baby will become. By filling her early years with nutritious food, you give her an extraordinary head start in terms of realising her full mental and physical potential and her best health.

Every meal you have with your children is an opportunity to enhance their life, both through the pleasure of sharing home-cooked food and through all the goodness that meal will give their rapidly developing mind and body.”

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Louise Keats introduces Sweet Nourish

Following on from the success of Cooking For Your Baby and Toddler and Something for Everyone, Louise Keats has created Sweet Nourish, a collection of 80 better-for-you treats made from nourishing wholefoods.

The Thermomix edition of Sweet Nourish is available from The Mix Shop.

How to make ANZAC Biscuits with Louise Keats

Louise Keats from the Woolworths Baby & Toddler Club shows us how to make ANZAC Biscuits.

'What guides me is home cooking, listening to my appetite, using whole food ingredients, prioritising plant foods and keeping highly processed foods out of my kitchen.'